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 There will be a reporter on the Joker channel. Gaming reports that our lives are waking up to go to work to get money to fill up gas to have gas just drive the Joker. Gaming go to work and work to earn money to refuel and refuel to drive to work. Understand, say, it"s really talk because our lives are in a circle like this. It"s really something that is difficult to deny. And it is true that we meet today, those events are events that people of the Joker era. Today"s gaming will have to meet, even wealthy people also have these problems, and if it is now, it would still not be able to fix it if the oil in our home and still has such an expensive price. The rest is only so expensive that people with incomes at the level, but above the minimum income per day are almost not moving anywhere at all because just refueling, they are able to eat. One meal, and why should we have to go to different places so we can spend money on multiple meals?

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